Y. Elaine Rasmussen

Chief Executive Officer

Y. Elaine Rasmussen holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business, as well as a master’s degree in conflict analysis and resolution. In addition, Elaine is also a Cordes Fellow and an RSF Social Finance Integrated Capital Fellow. She centers the mission of democratizing access to capital by and for Black and Brown women. She has proven her capacity for compassion, growth, and action through her work in mainstreaming impact investing, championing equity, and creating the first of its kind event the ConnectUP! MN Summit (link to CU Website). Elaine also employs her gift for strategy on boards for MNVest, MDI, Nexus Community Partners, Swift Foundation and the Executive Committee for the Association for Black Economic Power.

Elaine is an avid traveler. From her hometown of Los Angeles, California to the seas of Bosporus in Turkey and the Native American tribes across Turtle Island. Elaine always seeks the strength of people, place, and culture—always making sure to break bread and foster connection. In her free time, you can find Elaine unwinding by crocheting, glass of wine in hand, as the fire serenades at her feet, a symphony of crackles.