Powering investing in ALL of our Communities

We elevate and leverage capital, networks and resources to power equitable and sustainable investing in UNDERESTIMATED entrepreneurs–
People of color, immigrants, Native Americans, LGBTQ+, rural (white and non-white)–to create healthy and sustainable communities

ConnectUP! Summit

Connecting local investors, entrepreneurs & the entrepreneur community


March 13-14, 2019 with 20+ sessions to be held at Metro State University, St. Paul, MN

What we do

Consulting & Facilitation

Consulting & Facilitation



Investor Workshops

Investor Workshops

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We strengthen communities through innovative solutions grounded in economic justice in order to advance equity and sustainable social impact.

Culturally Responsive

Culturally Responsive

Each community approaches problems differently. We commit ourselves to understand the contexts of problems, honor the ancestral wisdom, and work with communities to create solutions.

Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking

Postive impact requires innovative thinking. SISG is constantly on the cutting edge and we push the boundaries of what is possible to create dynamic solutions that have exponential impact.

Socially Conscious

Socially Conscious

Communities continue to experience gaps in access to basic needs and upward mobility. SISG actively identify and address the systemic challenges of oppressive systems with community-based solutions.

The Missing Middle Entrepreneurs 


Missing Middle Entrepreneurs (MMEs), require specific knowledge, resources, networks, advisors, patient and flexible capital at this growth stage of their business. MMEs are predominately:

• people of color, immigrants, Indigenous and trans communities,

• not big enough to access seed capital money,

• have limited access to ‘Friends and Family’ capital, and

• unable to obtain the necessary credit for the working capital needed to grow the business.


Learn more about the  MISSING MIDDLE and new trends in the 2019 STATE OF THE WORK REPORT.

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